IFTTT – If what?

I’m a big Trello fan. Seriously I love Trello and basically plan / structure most of my life with it.

But sometimes I would like to be able to pull a bit of automation out of my pocket to make Trello run smoother and add some cards to my Trello board automatically. Especially chores I want to be reminded of regularly (having always a new Trello card makes for more satisfaction to move things to done).

Enter IFTTT.

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New Years Resolutions: January Progress

January is ending and most New Years resolutions have already been abandoned.

I am a firm believer of starting something immediately if you want to do something (and actually pretty crappy on staying on self appointed tasks I planned months in advance, if there aren’t other people involved – accountability and all that). So I tend to ignore New Years Resolutions and stuff. And this year was no different.

But then around New Year Trello posted a link to this Trello blog post on Twitter. Continue reading “New Years Resolutions: January Progress”