Skipping entries in Views

I needed to create a list of all stories starting with the 5th entry.

When editing a View: Under Items to display you can enter the number of entries to skip – no problem.

Problem was it didn’t work…

Solution: Turns out you can’t display unlimited entries and define an offset (to skip the first entries). You need to set a really high number for your limit (e.g. 9999999) and viola offset works.

I read somewhere at it was a problem with a database function used…for Views 1…

File troubles – sudendly deleted files

Problem: During installation of modules some files were deleted O.O – I had to set the files to not writeable to save them from harm.

I was totally clueless as to why my files were deleted (actually I still am…)

But I found a solution *yay me*

My folder was named wrong. Sadly I don’t know what it was called any more. *not so yay me*


Rename the folder.

If that doesn’t help:

Set files to read only.