Drupal and WordPress? Why?

Why use WordPress to talk about Drupal?

Well I like to work on web projects. But you can’t really talk about a system if you don’t have any experience using it. And I am curious by nature and like to try things 😉

So when I first read about the possibility to use WordPress for free I started to think about what I could do. And what to talk about (my other blog is more or less a total failure since I didn’t have a plan about…it was a learning experience at least).

The pages about using WordPress and how to start were quite interesting for me (especially the part about getting focused). Now I didn’t do all this stuff but I did some off it before starting here but I think the main goal of these pages is to get the people thinking about it not to really do these exercises as written down there.

I was already using Drupal and realized there were some things I would have liked to read when I started working with it. So I made a list of topics I could and would like to say something about.

So the next posts are already planned and now I just have to write the posts and produce new ideas while doing so… that’s the real challenge for me…