Hide Author and post date from content

Okay in Drupal 6 to hide “Submitted by” author “on” a date and time you would go to the themes and specify on which content types that information should be displayed and on which not.

In Drupal 7 you can change these settings under Structure > Content types when you edit the content type you want to change.

Of cause for a more a more customized approach what to show and what not you have to work on template.php.

Hide Error Massages

As I started developing my new project in Drupal 7 I stumbled over a couple of Menu changes…

There are several changes (mostly for the better, I think) but for Drupal 6 users it can become quit frustrating to look for a functionality and not finding it where you expect it (happened several times for me already…)

Before I start with my first menu change tip an information for you: I use the Administration Menu module for better access to the admin area of Drupal. And it still is a release candidate so there are still some problems with the themes but otherwise it works fine for me.

On to the tip:

When you want to hide Error reports (showing up at the top of a page) from all users and just log them in the database for the administrators to see:

Got to Development > Logging and errors and choose > None.