About me

At the moment I am still a computer science student shortly before graduating university.

I did it 🙂 I graduated last year and am living away from home and country (not that far but still) – strange things going on here ;D

And most importantly – I am still working with Drupal 😀 (This is actually still true 🙂 )


Well I’m back home (as in country) and am now working with Drupal for my main job – which is totally awesome. I had to move to a different city for my job but I have a job working with Drupal *yeah* ( aka I get paid for working with something I love). I learn a lot new and so you can expect some new things here.


My first contact with Drupal was during an internship. My task was to migrate some websites to a content management system. I didn’t have time to write about it then but I took some notes what irked me, surprised me or what I wished I would have known earlier.

I am still working with Drupal and will face new problems along the way with new projects (the first testing already started).

So I will write about my Drupal Adventures. And anything else catching my attention.

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