New Years Resolutions: February Progress

I survived carnival.

As you my have guessed I’m not a fan carnival. At all. So I’m very glad when it’s over tomorrow. Finally!

Progress in February

Professional self promotion

Status: in a traffic jam
Not much to note. I didn’t get to be as involved in this as I wanted to be as I’m still trying to catch up on all the stuff I didn’t do while moving. My excuses were better at one time.


Status: a bit behind

Not as far as I would like to be (I should be finishing my book (1 book in 2 months to reach the goal). I’m on page 80 of 166 (according to my reading app).

Trainings / Certificates

Status: surprisingly in progress

I talked about the training I want to take with my project manager, but nothing happened there as far as I know. But my boss actually said that I should do some trainings/readings/preparations to get more certificates. The first one as soon as possible (end of march was his goal). So I try to add that to my work load without overtime (my company pays for this, which is great).


Status: maybe in progress

I have a meeting at the end of the month about for example conferences/camps so we will see.

Regular blog posts

Status: on track
As can be guessed from my previous goal, it’s not the end of the month yet. So I’m actually on schedule. I’m writing this as my second post, the third one I’ll try to write tomorrow and review the one I wrote right before this one to publish it.
I even worked a bit on planning blog posts for the year. And I also thought about writing more blog posts ahead of time to have something to post if I’m really busy. Haven’t got around to that yet.


Status: on hold

I tried to take a course I was already a member of (it was closing) but didn’t have enough time to finish it. So again. Nothing.

Buy a car

Status: on hold
December and January were really bad financial wise (I expected that with moving, and I’m not in any trouble but seeing the final sum…) so I’m trying to save some money. We’ll see how good this is going to be for February. (I do my evaluation in the second week of the next month (to have all statements) but that is to late for this post.) Which also means no concrete plans for a car yet.

Community involvement

Status: Coooool
It finally happened. I got issue credit on
The funny part is I didn’t do anything this month but actually got credit for something (I think) I did in 2015. Yeah.
I actually always felt a bit strange for closing issues after testing (that’s what I often try to do in the issue cue) and assigning credit to myself. So I didn’t do it.
Now, having gotten my first issue credit, I feel on one hand a bit hooked to get more and on the other hand I still feel the imposter syndrome of ‘I didn’t do that much’.
I hereby promise to always assign issue credit to myself if I worked on an issue! (Giving other people credit never was or is a problem.)
I’m also still trying to do more for the community and hopefully I can convince my company to help as well. Which would be awesome.

Private goals

  1. on hold
  2. not so good
  3. stopped
Goal one will be on hold for a long time.
I hit some bumps on goal two but hope to get back to it soon.
And I actually totally let goal three slide, I thought about it, but other things were more important. But I really have to get back to this.


An okay month, I was ill but I still got a bunch of stuff done. I even started on my tax declaration. And my blog posts weren’t totally last minute like last month. So yeah.

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