New Years Resolutions: January Progress

*checks calendar* I’m still on time!

So let’s start the year of with not failing one of my goals on the first try.

Progress in January

Professional self promotion

Status: in progress
I did some research (because I found an interesting site) but sadly I didn’t manage to write down all my questions. Still better than nothing.


Read 6 non-fiction books.
Status: in progress
This month I also got a book from my company (part of the welcome package that I requested last November (8 months into my new job)…).
And I actually started reading on my commute. But normally I’m to tired to read in the morning but afternoon /evening is fine. I’m on page 40 or something. That’s not half of the book but I’m working on it.

Trainings / Certificates

1 training
1 certificate
Status: on hold
I requested to take a training, but nothing happened as of yet.


Visit 3 conferences/camps/days
  • DrupalCon Vienna
  • DrupalCamp Schwerin
  • ?
Status: on hold
The two I know I want to go to are only later in the year. The thrid one may be in April but I’m not sure yet.

Regular blog posts

One post per month for each of my blogs. Progress posts don’t count.
Status: on schedule
I’m counting my 2017 Goals as a normal post. 😉
But with this I published 3 posts this month (on the last 2 days but I don’t care!).
Also the planning and beginning to write so didn’t happen during Christmas.


Finish 1 course
Status: on hold
I didn’t start any course or selected on to take. I am still adjusting to commuting (an hour to and from work) and am also still going extra shopping for things missing in my flat. So yeah.

Buy a car

Status: on hold
Simply put I have no money to spare at the moment. I’m still recovering from buying furniture for my new flat. But the need to have a car gets clearer every time I have to lug my purchases home (and I can’t buy stuff I can’t take on public transport).

Community involvement

Status: good
I’m taking a more active role in my communities and I hope to continue increasing my involvement.

Private goals

  1. on hold
  2. good
  3. started
So goal one is set later this year.
I actually started with goal 2 and I’m making a bit of progress. Yay!
And goal 3, well I looked into it (don’t want to waste money) but I haven’t really started yet.


I’m totally okay with this month as I also got other stuff done, like starting to neaten up my flat, and changing to a new schedule.

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