New Years Resolutions: The start of something new

I just finished the post on my recap of 2016 so I thought I would just continue to write my goals for 2017 down.

As you can see… things didn’t go as planned.
I’m still unsure if I will go and use a separate Trello board for this years goals. As I abandoned my goal tracking around April 2016 and never came back to tracking in that board.
At the moment the most probable solution will be to add these goals to my normal ToDo board to have them in view all the time.
Let’s cover my goals.
  • Professional self promotion
  • Books
  • Trainings / Certificates
  • Conferences
  • More blog posts
  • Coursera
  • Community involvement
  • private goals

Professional self promotion

I’m really bad at this. So my biggest goal this year is to improve and get all that stuff done I may need in the future.
Tasks will include getting my personal portfolio up and running (for real this time), improving my professional presence online for example on LinkedIn but also outline my professional website and potentially to build it, and actually getting down and checking current laws about working with international clients (as a single local entrepreneur) and how that could work with my full time job and taxes and all that stuff.
As you can see from the description this could become really complicated as I don’t really know where to start looking and new things will come up during my research.
The first task will be to actually write down all my questions about it and then plan how I will be working through the questions afterwards.


I brought some books that could benefit me at work and my work actually offers a book as a welcome. All in all I have 8 new books I can read.
So my goal is to read 6 non-fiction books.
I hope to get some reading done while commuting to work (I moved to the outskirts of my city). But even if I don’t get to much done there (I get motion sickness in busses etc.) I still want to work through them.

Trainings / Certificates

I really want to improve at work (I lost my last job through no fault on my side, but I want to be prepared if I have to change jobs again, even if I don’t plan to in the foreseeable future.) and I think getting certificates is one way to display improvements.
My company offers trainings and certificates for it’s employees so I want to take that offer and get at least one training and one certificate in 2017.


I wanted to visit at least 2 conferences last year. But I only managed 1 because the other one didn’t happen.
So this year I want to visit 3 conferences/camps/days.
One will be DrupalCon Europe in Vienna in September, the second one will be DrupalCamp Schwerin in October. The third I’ll leave open to anything that pops up.

Blog posts

2016 I managed to increase my post count compared to 2015. This year I will try the same goal again.
One post per month for each of my blogs. Progress posts don’t count.
As I had some problems with idea generation I will plan (including ideas) in the last 2 weeks of December (2016) for all of 2017 and I’ll try to start writing the blog posts to account for being busy during the year.


I did not manage a course while working full time. So my goal is to finish at least one course in 2017. Maybe I can find a way to make it work.

Buy a car

Normally I try to keep things on a more abstract level with my goals. But I just moved to the outskirts of town and if I want to go somewhere in the evening or at the weekend I’ll need a car soon. So this one will hopefully be dealt with soon.

Intangible goals

While I strife to find goals that contain tasks or clear countable goals to check progress I do find it hard to put target numbers on all my goals. The following are more of an idea and not quantifiable.

Community involvement

I want to be more active in my communities online and offline. As my life is not that predictable and other forces are involved I actually don’t want to add something like visit x meetings or participate in x chats online. I pledge I will make time for this and I will keep you updated how that progresses.

Private goals

Like last year I have some private goals I will not share in detail.
Know that there are three at the moment. One is a fixed time goal and will happen towards the end of the year, the 2 other ones will continue throughout the year.

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