New Years Resolutions: A year in progress

Looking back on my last post in June… now 6 months later… yeah that happened…

But here’s how my goals progressed through 2016

After my last post I got really busy and now it’s already the end of the year…
I have already some ideas on what I want to do in 2017 and even better I have some ideas on how to hopefully reach my goals better.
But to go forward you have to look back at what worked and what didn’t and try to think of new ways to try.

Goals 2016

Find a new job

This was the most important goal for me this year.
And I have a new job since April. It’s stressful but also fun and offers me interesting opportunities.

Write more blog posts

The intention was to write more blog posts in 2016 and to do that regularly.
I published 12 posts (including this one) for this blog (11 more than 2015) and 5 posts for my other blog (3 more than 2015).
While I didn’t have a perfect regular schedule established in the first half of 2016 at least I posted nearly regular. That totally fell through in the second half of the year.
The good thing about failing for regularity – I noticed that I wasn’t writing because sometimes I lacked ideas for one blog. That also affected my writing for my other blog. I’ll trying something different for 2017.

Take part in Blogging U

I wanted to try blogging U but of cause I got busy with other stuff after signing up. In the mean time blogging U changed formats to offer courses continually. I haven’t managed to check out the changes. Seeing as I didn’t really took part in Blogging U to begin with, it was probably for the best.

Visit two conferences

I wanted to visit 2 conferences this year. I went to Dublin for DrupalCon Europe. It was great and awesome and Dublin was great even the weather was great. You see I’m still totally hyped about it.
For the other conference I wanted to visit, there wasn’t a conference at all.


Like everything else it just fell away.
And while I like the concept of CodeCademy (and all others like it) I think I have progressed past the general introduction for most programming languages, it’s also not really interesting for me at the moment. That leads to me generally not finding the motivation to do a course.
When I stopped with CodeCademy earlier this year they started to offer courses on SQL and git which is great (the courses I took were good) but generally I move away from this in my career. So maybe I will get back to it when I have more time or if I need it for personal projects.


The original goal was to finish 2 courses this year. I did that in the first 3 months. Afterwards I wanted to take more courses on the side. That didn’t happen as I was generally busy or tired (after work).

Private Goals (2 + 1)

Well, all three private goals weren’t met at all. I’ll not say more about that.

Other ‘goals’

During the year I realised that my priorities shifted after I started my new job. So I actually got to do other goal worthy stuff done.
  1. Moving
    I moved. Twice. Once 600km and the second time into a different town in the same area. In fact I just finished the second move. This goal includes searching for a new flat which was one of the things I did in the second half of 2016. (And it took up some of my time)
  2. Trainings / Certificates
    With starting my new job it became even more clear to me that certificates recruiters and hiring managers like certificates while I personally don’t put too much stock in . And bosses like to see certified employees. So I did take a exam to become a certified Acquia Drupal 7 Site Builder. (And I did become one.)
    While this didn’t really occupy my time (I didn’t really studied… ups…) I realised I should do more for representing my knowledge to the world. And this will influence my goals for 2017.
  3. Extra-curricular activities
    While that sounds a bit too much like university I want to become more active in the communities I frequent and I did take some small steps to get to know what’s going on. But it’s not enough yet. I want more for 2017.
I already talked about things I want to do in 2017 so I will also continue with ‘New Years Resolutions’ in 2017. Expect my post on goals and other stuff in January.

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