New Years Resolutions: June Progress

It’s still June. I’m on track again 🙂

The awesome feeling of not having any time sensitive to-dos – I’m basking in it right now.

Progress in June

Find a new job

Result: Done

I still haven’t updated anything, but I started on my project portfolio back end (my notes basically).

Write more blog posts

Result: On Track

I wrote and published two posts this month. Tschakka!

Take part in Blogging U

Result: On hold

Still on hold, I have had a short look but at the moment I have to focus on work.

Visit two conferences

Result 1: postponed / a little progress

I talked with my boss about going – and my company will probably pay for me to go. 😀

I haven’t done anything else for it thought.

Result 2: no progress possible / postponed

I really need to search for this. I fear there will be no conference because nobody organised it, further than asking if someone would help (witch I said I would do…).


Result: No

While I regret not doing anything here, this has like no priority at moment.


Original Result: Done

Continuous Results: We will see?

I am still subscribed to a course that is supposed to start on Thursday. I’m intrigued. Let’s see if I can work this out

Private Goals (2 + 1)

Goal 1: no progress possible

Goal 2: No

I basically ditched this, witch is bad. Let’s see if I can scrape some motivation together to start this again.

Goal 3: Failed.

I’m not trying this again this year. One fail at this is enough.


Well I managed to do all the important and time sensitive stuff of day to day life so I have a few days to maybe tackle some of my no progress things here? Or I will just relax a bit? Or do some other stuff I should prepare before they become time sensitive?

As I said I am basking in the ‘nothing important to do’ feeling right now. A good month comes to an end 🙂

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