IFTTT – If what?

I’m a big Trello fan. Seriously I love Trello and basically plan / structure most of my life with it.

But sometimes I would like to be able to pull a bit of automation out of my pocket to make Trello run smoother and add some cards to my Trello board automatically. Especially chores I want to be reminded of regularly (having always a new Trello card makes for more satisfaction to move things to done).

Enter IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for If This (happens) Then (do) That. The service allows you to set up simple formulas for ‘happens’ and ‘do’.

At the moment there are two automation integrations for Trello that I know of. IFTTT and Zapier.

I had a look at Zapier but was not convinced to use it.

IFTTT is a bit simpler but gets most jobs done. I started thinking about Trello integration and I did a calendar to Trello automation but what I really fell in love with is actually the possibility to turn an RSS feed into an email notification.

Does anyone even remember RSS?

Question: Why not use a RSS reader (there are many around)?

Well, to tell you the truth, I forget about them. I tried several over the years, in my browser, in my mail programme (twice) and stand alone programmes. I forgot about all of them. Then I remember and oops I have several hundred notifications… which I should read but … no I never do…

Question: Why not just subscribe by email?

For some I do that. But I generally don’t want to. Who knows what you will get. I subscribed to a service once to follow a blog I found interesting… I got so much “spam” (<- I mean “This could also interest you” mails which I couldn’t get rid of) I actually unsubscribed from the service and the blog.

Question: What about social media?

I find it hard to remember to read something I want to read when it’s promoted on social media if I don’t have time at that moment. Emails will wait for me.

So yes I get an email (which is sorted into a folder automatically) and I will read that mail when I have time.

General thoughts about IFTTT

I like how simple it is to work with. It’s clear and straight forward.

What I really didn’t like when signing in where the amount of channels that I was automatically subscribed to. I disconnected most of them…

I also would like to do more with my calendar to Trello workflow but for that I would need to connect different calendars with IFTTT which I can’t… That means I will have to think of something else. 😦

But overall I can’t think about what I would do without it 🙂




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