New Years Resolutions: May Progress

So, I am again late for this, but at least it’s not the middle of the month yet. But…

Sadly I decided to skip the detailed description of last months progress.

While I was quite enthusiastic about May when I wrote that last progress post, life had different ideas. Basically while I was writing that last post we had a family emergency.

And while not everything is fine, it is looking up again but I was worried and wondering what is going on all the time I was not distracted by work.

I could have gone home (and my boss probably would have even given me some short-notice vacation days) but I would have been longer in transit than I would have been at home and my mother would have had to pick me up from the train station and think about me while also handling all the stuff she was already organising.

I didn’t want that (and I couldn’t have helped in any way) so I stayed where I was and basically had to wait for any news my mum came around to share with me. Which is not a happy place to be and also not fun during a long weekend with too much time to think.

So I didn’t make any progress in May at all. No blog posts, no self education, nothing at all.

On a positive note, in the last days of May I had the opportunity to meet up with some of my old colleagues. It was great and lifted my spirit up quite a bit and we decided to repeat this again soon. I can’t wait 😀

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