New Years Resolutions: April Progress

So, I’m late for this. I totally blame being busy and getting ill at the end of April… yeah… whatever.

Progress in April

Find a new job

Result: Done

I started my new job. I’m really busy with all that but it’s exiting. Now I only have to make time for the rest of my life again.

I also didn’t yet update my CV, network profiles etc. – still things to do *sigh*.

Write more blog posts

I wrote my self-pity post for this blog and for my other blog I was close to late, but I did post 1 post each. Now I also remember why I only set the goal to one post per month as work keeps me busy.

On a positive note I have most of the May post for the other blog down already.

Result: On track

Take part in Blogging U

Blogging U now has on demand / always available courses. I haven’t checked them out yet. I’ll put this goal on hold as I don’t know when I’ll have the time to concentrate on it.

Result: On hold

Visit two conferences

I will have to speak with my new boss about going to conference 1 to see if my new company supports going to conferences or not. I was also busy… so I didn’t make any progress.

Conference 2 is a bit more complicated. I fear there will be no conference this year. 😦

But I would have to check with someone to really know for sure and invest time in it. Yeah… exactly what is already in short demand at the moment.

Result 1: postponed

Result 2: no progress possible / postponed


So I missed March, and I missed April… and I haven’t started with May yet either…

Result: Fail


Original Result: Done

The one course I’m enrolled in that I look forward to got postponed to end of June. I don’t see myself joining a new course before June either. First I have to catch up on CodeCademy.

Continuous Results: On Hold

Private Goals (2 + 1)

Goal 1: no progress possible

Goal 2: Before I got ill I was on track for this on, but it wasn’t perfect. But who wants to be perfect anyway?

Goal 3: I’m not sure what I was thinking taking this on. I didn’t even start. So Fail. Maybe I will try again later this year.


As if my pity post wasn’t enough warning. April was split between excitement about my new job and exhaustion because of my new job. Overall the results were okaaaay, I think. I did do other stuff like exploring my new city and after that pity post I actually started to read more.

And as a little sneak peek into May I have gotten serious stuff done and I’m getting used to work again so not only is the weather getting better but I’m as well. Till the next catastrophe hits…

I wanted to end this on a positive note…

It looks better for May than for April.

I’ll go now…

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