New Years Resolutions: March Progress

As March comes to an end – I hope you had a nice Easter if you celebrate it – here comes the next instalment of my new years resolutions.

I already told you about my goals in my first progress post – go there for a more detailed introduction of my goals.

Progress in March

Find a new job

I will start my new job on the April 1st. I have to move cities and already brought about half of my things to my new flat. The second run will be in progress when you are reading this post.

Result: Done

I will tell you how starting at this new job will work out and I’ll have some work left with updating my CV and various online platforms.

Write more blog posts

I did in fact write two blog posts for my two blogs (one each) without this post. Well if you squint.

And while I did not write much of anything for my blogs I am trying to implement some changes to my blogging process (preparing, researching and writing). And I read about blogging / writing for blogs to find ways to improve my writing as well.

Result: On track

Take part in Blogging U

Well, this was a total failure… I did sign up for blogging U and I did read the assignments but I did not in fact do the assignments due to other stuff (mainly moving for my new job, did I mention it takes me 7 hours to drive one way?) I had to concentrate on.

I would like to say that, what I did see of the course I took, it looked nice and the people seemed really friendly. I will keep an eye out for new courses and maybe I will even do the assignments later.

Result: On hold / Fail

Visit two conferences

Still no progress here. As this is not in any case time sensitive I postponed everything to at least April for DrupalCon Dublin and I did not research anything for the second conference.

Result 1: postponed

Result 2: no progress possible / postponed


I totally skipped this one. I really forgot between going to my new work place for a trial day, fining a new flat, and moving my stuff to my new flat. I will do the course I selected in April and if time permits do a second one for April.

Result: Fail


Original Result: Done

I did in fact finish 2 courses. But I want to be able to concentrate on other things in April, after my move, so I still have 3 courses to finish this month and 2 days left before I move… (The joys of pre-writing blog posts.) We’ll see how it goes. I’ll update here before my move if I did in fact managed to finish these courses.

Continuous Results: Semi – On track ?

Update: I just finished the last course I had signed up for. Just in time too, because said last course closes in less than 8 hours… I could have planned my mad dash better… Now I’ll go sleep for at least 8 hours… I think.

Private Goals (2 + 1)

Goal 1: no progress possible

While Goal 1 will only be possible at the end of the year I did spin up a new goal that can have progress in April… See Goal 3.

Goal 2: Fail

I totally dumped this. I plan to take it up again in April. But no progress what so ever in March.

Goal 3 (April) : I haven’t prepared anything for April yet. I call myself crazy to attempt this in April, but as I try to do Goal 1 every year and had to stop last year because I lost my job and got busy with everything else, I want to sort of continue in April with my new job to finish where I left off last year.


I failed in most of my more ‘soft’ goals this month, but I really don’t care, at all, because for me the most important thing this month was finding a new job. And really everything else is way less important for me. I am just happy to have found a new job. 🙂

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