Finds I

This is something new here (surprise!).

I’m going to link to posts from all kinds of people, old and new, on anything I find relevant, interesting or really good.

I’m going to sort them loosely into large topics of my choosing – so I can use these posts as a reference as well, and you can skip a topic you don’t want to read about. There is no particular order or value judgement in me randomly pasting links into this post I just really liked all of them.

I found these posts mainly through Twitter but there could be other sources as well I don’t keep track of that. As the main source is Twitter and I normally don’t have time to read longer posts while checking my Twitter time line I collect links to read later but can’t re-tweet a post because I like it. So here comes everything I found interesting.

As this new and I was actually undecided if I really should do such a listing this one is going to be long as I started to collect links without posting anything. For the future I think I will collect around 10 to 15 links before posting another list.


Women in Tech / Gender Equality / Feminism / Human Rights

Recently I found / read / heard a lot about it which is great.And of cause it was International Women’s Day…

Women in Tech (or STEM or …) hits close to home for me as a Woman in Tech… I was the only woman in my year graduating Computer Science…

Gender Equality is a UN Sustainable Development Goal (#5) and I would like to stress the EQUALITY in this.

Wikipedia defines the goal of feminism as

to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women


Did you see the equal?

To start with I choose positive posts because we need more of these stories afterwards just random order.

Tech stuff

I wrote about JS fallback and only later found other posts about JS… and here I thought I was the only one…


Teamwork / Leadership

Accessibility / Usability / User Experience

Information Architecture


How about being nice online?

And about not using ‘Medium’ as a posting platform (which I agree with generally but link to anyway… as seen in this post…)

*Several hours and much pasting and link checking later* 33 interesting posts – never again that many in one post…

Any topic I should change or rename? Other posts worth mentioning? Let me know!

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