New Years Resolutions: February Progress

Another month is nearly over… time to make an update about my resolutions.

Introduction and more information about the goals can be found in January’s Progress

Progress in February

Find a new job

Well, progress, yeeessss!
Maybe this time next week I can mark this down as done… Wish me luck 🙂 But currently it looks really good.

Result: On track

Write more blog posts

Well as I expected, this was harder than in January.

I just now finished my post for the other blog.
On the up side I recategorized that blog and updated my front page. It’s a small blog but I finally did it 🙂

And while I posted on this blog at the beginning of the month I made no progress with the half written blog post series I planned to publish a part of.
I also have more trouble with updating the categories (the plan behind them not WordPress)

Result: On track

Take part in Blogging U

I signed up for commenting course in March – unsurprisingly these were not in so high a demand…

Result: On track

Visit two conferences

I haven’t started to plan for DrupalCon Dublin as I hope to get that job and have more possibilities then. I also heard nothing about the other conference I want to go to 😦

Result 1: postponed

Result 2: no progress possible


I finished a course at the beginning of the month. So everything okay at this one.

Result: On track


Well didn’t only do that one course. I already worked through 3 courses (with out certificates). I am nearly done with a 4th one, halfway through a 5th and really want to start the 6th after I am done with the 4th (they follow one after the other). Really, really good – I lagged behind when my job search and subsequent travelling picked up. I just need to get my a** into gear and finish them.

Result: Done

I am now changing this goal to: As many courses as I manage – if I find a job I certainly won’t have so much time to do courses.

Private Goals (2)

Still no progress possible and some progress made but not really satisfactory.

Result 1: no progress possible

Result2: Points for trying? … but only half finished the goal for February.


One ‘done’, three ‘on track’, one ‘postponed’, two ‘no progress possible’, and one not finished.

Well I did good this month. 😀

Trello board updates

I realised I really need to have cards for everything.

So I actually generated monthly cards for blog posts, added course cards as soon as I knew they are what I want to do for CodeCademy and Coursera, and made monthly cards for one of my private goals.

That also means I will archive my Done list after writing this blog post and meeting the first goal in March (no empty done list!) … It will also help me with writing these progress posts.

Well March here I come!

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