Mobile WiFi router

I admit I had no idea there even was something like a mobile WiFi router. I only came across one when a colleague of mine offered his when we had network problems at work.

I kept thinking about it as I have a SIM card and was not using up all my internet data volume on one side and on the other side my tablet and e-reader were always without internet access if I didn’t take them with me to work (which I don’t) or till I go home for vacation.

So I finally managed to think about it when I was in the city and had some spare time and went to ask in an electronic store about it. Okay they had like one kind of mobile WiFi router. I got to ask some questions (which is my main reason to go to a store instead of ordering online (and of cause waiting to get it delivered – even express can be to slow for me sometimes and I don’t like to pay extra for fast delivery…)). Anyway I got answers I hoped for – mainly the availability of a secure WiFi network and the ability to unlock the SIM card without deleting the PIN. And I went on and bought it.

It being the TP LINK M5350 – the full name is longer but I think I’ll stick with it.

So I went home with my new toy – sorry – mobile router and started to do other things first (I am very suspicious about things changing my internet connection and seeing as I was right, I think I will stay that way…).

When I was done with all the other things I had to do with an internet connection working I unpacked the router and read the short manual. Everything very straight forward. Input SIM card and assemble, initiate WiFi connection to laptop (anything running a browser will work), open specified IP address and login to configure the router. Works very well, easy as pie, not worth talking about…

And now to where I got lost. In the manual it says to follow the configuration wizard and take a look at a connection profile. The wizard is easy to find but the connection profile had me stumped. I tried to figure out where I would get the required information as in all manuals I found they were always saying to accept the standard settings. Of cause to look up the manuals I had to re-establish my old set up for the internet. Well in wanted to try again and really the wizard accepted not filling in any information. In the mean time I had to actually restart my laptop because I couldn’t get my old set-up working right. >_<

After the connection profile you should set-up your WiFi settings. It sounds so easy. But of cause you are changing the very connection that gives you access to the settings you are configuring (if you are not connected via cable which I didn’t try)…

So connect to the new network it is – and then unlock the SIM card with your normal PIN and if you like, set the SIM card to automatically unlock.

What you really should do is to change the admin name and password. It got me to do all the steps I just described again.


Well on the settings side they warn you that admin name and password can only be 15 characters long, of cause I read it but didn’t really grasp the concept, that there is a limit and I should check if my password is longer… So I thought I knew the password I set up, but of cause I failed at the re-login right after hitting save. Believing I mis-copied from my password tool, I reset the router and re-did the configuration again.

I can now say I really know what to do…

When I checked the configuration afterwards I noticed that the connection profile had changed automatically. It seems if you unlock your SIM card you actually get the required information automatically. Would have been nice to read about that in the manual… you know like before starting the wizard…

Otherwise I am really happy with the router – I connected laptop and tablet to my SIM card and I am sure my e-reader will follow shortly.

The router display also shows you all the relevant information about your connection and how many devices are connected. You can also read this at the start screen of the router configuration.

Another thing I missed about the router configuration is how to turn it off – it runs on battery after all – which is to hold the power button down like when you turn it on… That sentence could have found some space in the manual I’m sure.

Yes, well, despite my misgivings about the manual I am really happy at the moment and I hope it stays that way. 🙂

PS: When the manual says you should find a place away from heat sources it means the router will get warm (not hot but warm) so keep that in mind as well 🙂

PPS: After having the router up and running for a time I am still really happy with the router 😀

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