So what’s up?

Well a whole lot is going on at the moment.

I have not ye managed to check out the changes on but Carnival is coming up and as I learned you can’t do much of anything unrelated to Carnival at the moment. So I hopefully come around to doing just that this weekend.

On the Drupal side of things I’m working on a hobby project for me (which I will publish here – I just haven’t figured out the best format for publishing yet) and I hope it will cover Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 when it’s done (uuuhu)

I’m working through a basic Drupal 7 book as well and am finding some interesting things I missed when I started out with Drupal and / or never heard about this or that module before (there are 15 000 (?) modules on so it’s not so surprising I missed some).

I’m also inclined to write a rant at the moment but I hope I can get a bit more constructive and actually do something about the topic before I write that rant.

And I’m thinking about a new Drupal post and am collecting information for it.

Well we will see what I’m writing about first 😉