Updating xampp

Well I am very inspired about Drupal 8 right now (and have an afternoon free time 🙂 ) so I went and updated xampp.

I found this page with nice instructions on how to update to a new version. It worked well only difference for me was the installer wanted the xampp folder empty before installing the new version. Everything else worked without problem.

Drupal 8 is coming

Ok, so it is probably a little late to jump the wagon now but I finally came around to read up on Drupal 8 and watch some preview videos on YouTube.

I am really exited about the new features in D8 and all the changes they made look like they will make working with Drupal 8 really fun.

With the easy migration of configuration from development to live sites the whole site building experience will be getting way better. And with functionality like a WYSIWYG editor in core the experience for new users will get easier as well.

Now I really look forward to seeing more of D8 and testing it as soon as possible (meaning as soon as I get my xampp install updated).

A release date is not yet named but I don’t care I am really exited right now 😉