Update Modules on an Acquia Drupal Install

After my post about updating the Drupal core on an Acquia Install now how to update pre-installed modules.

SECURITY: I don’t know if this will work for you (it should!) so go on and back up your database and your code basically your site (database backup and copy of all files in your Drupal install). If something goes wrong and you don’t have a backup – it’s on your head. Try at own risk.

When you get the message you need to update some modules (I know you can update modules from inside Drupal – how cool is that? – sadly it didn’t work with my Acquia install – and I couldn’t test it somewhere else until now) you would normally look for the modules in the sites/all/modules folder (or where ever you stored your modules). But the pre-installed modules aren’t there…

The pre-installed modules coming with Acquia are in the profiles/acquia/modules folder. There you can delete the modules and insert the new version of your modules.

Don’t forget to run the update.php script!

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