Update Drupal Core on an Acquia Drupal Install

As I work on my project I try to do the module testing (does the module do what I want to do) on my local install and not on the actual server where the site is running (yes it is already on the server – I am not the only one working on this project).

My local install is a Acquia Drupal install (it is very easy to install – and I like the interface of the Control Panel). Now I installed it some time ago and I actually ignored the updates for quite some time (I didn’t use it that much – so I skipped updating – not so good).

But now development of the project is well under way and I use my local install so I had to update the modules… I will talk about Acquia Drupal module updates on my next post.

For understanding: Drupal Core has minor and major releases – major are Drupal 7.x, minor 7.4. I will talk about doing a minor update (major releases are referred to as upgrades – minor are updates). You can find more information in the documentation.

SECURITY: I don’t know if this will work for you (it should!) so go on and back up your database and your code basically your site (database backup and copy of all files in your Drupal install). If something goes wrong and you don’t have a backup – it’s on your head. Try at own risk.

Now Drupal also told my that there is a new Core Version required (Security update yay). Now I know how to update the core for a normal Drupal install (you can find it on Drupal.org I didn’t find it there ask Google for the time being – I will do a post of this as well soon) but I didn’t know how to do it for Acquia (and I didn’t find it either – Google isn’t nice to me).

Acquia comes with some modules pre-installed and they are not in the sites/all/module folder…since I didn’t know what else Acquia changed I downloaded the new core release and unpacked it. I opened up the folders of my Acquia Drupal site and the new core and copied it folder for folder after checking if there was a difference between the folders (other files/folder not in the core) – if there was I let the “not” core files/folders in it and just copied the files from the new release (you don’t copy the sites folder at all). I had 2 differences between Acquia and core (without sites/) one was in includes/ and one was another profile in profile/ .

Run the update.php script (modules page at the  top – there should be a reference to it or in the home menu for administration menu user) and hopefully you’re done with it (read carefully possible messages after update.php has run.

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